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We’re planning a really special Friday Mixer  for Startup Weekend Bay Area Alumni and Friends of Bizspark on Friday 17th August. Individuals and Teams that have participated in SW Bay events and Mega events at Microsoft are welcome to come and network with other startups, mentors, investors and partners. We’ll have some fantastic successful entrepreneurs and awesome mentors for you to meet and bounce your ideas off. Those teams working on a product or service, can also be considered for a super special Pitch Spotlight. These will give you the microphone for one minute (actually, we’ll make it 90 seconds) to address the 200+ audience and tell us about your cool idea. Where did it start? What is your vision? Where is it now?

Here’s the deal: you can sign up to attend on 17th and mix. You can sign up to attend, mix and have a spotlight. And you can also sign up to attend a workshop on Design, UX and UI (happening 4pm to 6pm just before Drinks start). Come in early and hear from some of our top Windows 8 guys on Metro and why it rocks.


Adeo Ressi

The Founder Institute   |   LinkedIn

Thomas Serval

Director Media and Plaform SEEMEA at Google   |   LinkedIn

Andrew McCartney

The AppBuilder   |   LinkedIn

Dirk de Kok

CEO/founder at Mobtest, inc.   |   LinkedIn

Dan Gordon

Co-Founder, Gordon Biersch Brewing   |   LinkedIn

Rebekah Iliff

Co-founder & CEO of talkTECH Communications   |   LinkedIn

John P Alioto

Architect at Microsoft   |   LinkedIn

Ahmed Siddiqui
John Beadle

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