Interview with Andrew McCartney: Co-Founder of JamPot Technologies


Andrew is a seasoned technical innovator behind a number of high-tech start-ups and is always looking ahead for the next technical vision the market will need. His passion for technology and technical companies is what gets him up in the morning, as well as a strong cup of coffee.

You can follow JamPot Technologies @jampotie

What is TheAppBuilder.com currently doing/building to support the startup/developer community?

At JamPot we have developed one of the world’s leading app creation toolkits for the startup/developer community. Since its launch at Mobile World Congress in March 2012, TheAppBuilder.com has already been used to create over 30,000 Apps.

Supporting native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone PLUS cross-platform HTML5 app creation, TheAppBuilder.com enables startups/developers to build an app in minutes.

Using TheAppBuilder.com as our launch pad, JamPot is now adding App Commerce/Monetization and App Analytics/Marketing to its service offering, thereby creating a global, scalable App Power House that brings all of the required elements of a successful app into one place and put the startup/developer in control.

Whilst the major app technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung & Microsoft are battling for device market share, we are working to build an app powerhouse that solves the real problems for startups and developers.

What interesting initiatives are you doing to reach out to the developer community or those looking to build mobile apps? How do you get them excited about working with your product?

We are allowing the developer community access to all our technology through API’s that allow the developer to deliver an app project in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Demonstrating our product is actually the easiest way to get developers excited. We recently demoed TheAppBuilder to attendees at RallyPad, the incubator and workspace for non-profits and social entrepreneurs in San Francisco. And even Google’s dev team has an interest in what we’re up to; I just dropped by Mountain View last week to give the exclusive first run of our major Android update.

Why are you excited to be mentoring at Startup Weekend?

I’ve been part of a startup and still am going through that growth phase, so it is always great to be speaking with other like-minded people about their experiences – you always learn something new. Also, it’s worthwhile for me to help startups with the same pain points I hit when I first started out.

What inspires you most about the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship?

I always find it amazing to hear the stories of people that decided to do a startup and the challenges that they faced. You also see ideas originate from young and seasoned entrepreneurs that do not let money or a full-time job get in the way of launching a startup on the side. It’s true we are a rare and brilliant breed.

Do you have a favorite SoLoMo trend? And/or what trends are you seeing?

SoLoMo is in its infancy stage. The area that I am most interested in is how current and future cloud-enabled devices are going to connect one user with his or her game consoles, car systems, TV’s, smartphones, etc. It’ll be exciting to see whole families, and even companies, interacting with each other on one or two seamless platforms in real-time.